Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are a few questions that we are recently asked that can help you with your car research.  Please reach out with any questions as we are here to help.



  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?
    • Yes! We have service contracts available for purchase. If a vehicle is outside of factory warranty, and a service contract is not purchased, then it is sold as-is.


  • What’s your best price?
    • We are a one price dealership with multiple benefits. Our vehicles are inspected, serviced, have under carriage photos, Carfax reports, video walk-arounds, and then are aggressively priced to the market.


  • Do you have financing?
    • We work with many different lenders and can offer financial solutions for most situations. We find that the rates and terms our banks offer are often better than what customers are able to obtain from their own financial institutions. 


  • How long have has Shifted been around?
    • The business started in May of 2018. The Shifted team has over 40 plus years experience in all facets of the automotive industry.


  • Where do you service your vehicles?
    • We have a handful of local vendors that we have relationships with. It helps that they all have different specialties that aide us with the reconditioning process.


  • What does your inspection/safety include?
    • Our inspection goes through major components of vehicles. That includes: Drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and all critical functions of a vehicle.


  • Where do you get your inventory?
    • Our inventory is sourced from several different channels. We scour the entire country for the right inventory! We attend dealer auto auctions where vehicles are offered by finance and leasing companies, manufacturers, large dealer groups, and other independent dealers.  We also purchase vehicles directly from private parties and of course take trade-ins.  Local consignments are also part of our inventory offering.


  • Credit card limit for vehicle purchases
    • The max we allow to put on a credit card is $1000. This is due to the fees that we incur from the credit card processing company.  Those fee’s are the purchasers responsibility.


    •  What is the BAT or Ebay reserve at?
      • When we do a vehicle listing on ebay or BAT, we honor the platform's process and audience.  If you’d like to discuss anything else, you’re welcome to call the store directly and ask for Sam.